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Immortality. Fame. There is a difference.

Yodelin’ Vern Lockhart is a hillbilly singer with a problem.

On the verge of stardom in the late 1920s, he inadvertently has become immortal, something he’s only vaguely aware of as he trips through various eras of American roots music history. It’s not until he encounters Jo Cullen, a present-day musicologist and expert on Vern’s past that he begins to grasp the deal with the devil he’s made.

The Musicianer is a time-traveling saga that details Vern’s story – both past and present – while highlighting musical performances from a wide array of Americana artists.

A music-driven digital series from Beth Harrington Productions  

Starring Petunia of Petunia & The Vipers 

From the maker of The Winding Stream– The Carters, The Cashes & the Course of Country Music



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